The footmark of Time2U

We have the below main milestone during the development of being a leading domestic watch brand-owner of economical quartz analogue in the PRC and a leading OEM manufacturer of quartz analogue watches in the PRC.

Year                        Main Milestone

In 1994                    Mr. Lin & Ms. Yan as main investors established Zhangzhou Hongyuan as a sino-foreign

                               joint venture and start the production business of quartz clocks & watches and other 

                               related components.

In 2005                    Zhangzhou Hongyuan was recognized as one of the top 300 non-stated owned

                               enterprises in Fujian Province

In 2006                    Fujian Ouwosi was founded by main investor Mr.Lin as a domestic enterprise to

                                start the development&production &  sales of watch.

In 2010                    We launched our own brands--Time2U and Jonquet

In 2011                    Zhangzhou Hongyuan was recognized as a Technological and Engineering Innovative

                               Model Unit of Fujian Province

In 2012                    Our major sub-brand Color was launched into market

                               Time2U was recognized as a “Famous Trademark of Fujian Province”

                               Time2U was  recognized as a “Noticeable Trademark of Zhangzhou City"

In 2013                    Time2U quartz analogue watch became “Famous Products of Fujian Province”

                               We entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with Rainbow Watch GmbH.

                               Zhangzhou Hongyuan was recognized as an advanced enterprise in quality management

                               in Fujian Province for 2012